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The History

 Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated in production. I started making videos from iMovie, an app on iPhones, at the age of 12, little did I know where it would bring me today… In 2016 I started using the family camera to make videos for fun, as an amateur. Fast forward towards today, and it’s one of the most important aspects of my life. I began to start my own business and make videos for all kinds of people. I grew my brand to the point where I was doing business with restaurants and realtors at just 17 years old. It’s one of the most influential pieces we have in life. The joy on my clients faces has the biggest impact on me, it inspires me to do the things I love-- while changing the lives of many.  It’s more than a camera and lens: it’s art, a vision, a story. Videos gives one an outlet to another world without having to possess a license or passport.

About Me: Bio
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